Will the U.S stand with Israel when the Caliphate is Established?

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It’s been almost a year ago to the date. On Feb 1,2011 Glenn Beck announced to the world that the RADICALS, ISLAMIST, COMMUNISTS, and SOCIALISTS,  would work together against Israel, and against capitalism, and would work together to overturn stability. Now nearly a year later their dream of establishing a Caliphate has almost come to fruition. All you have to do is read the newspapers from around the world and you notice the headlines sound more and more as if the Islamist are taking over the world. Egypt Islamist secure 75% of their Parliament. The Middle East now is closer to starting their Caliphate. Today, Tuesday January 31,2012; Egypt’s newly elected lawmakers took aim at the country’s military rulers, accusing them of trampling on democratic norms and overstepping their powers by passing laws, including a crucial one regulating presidential elections. Led by the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood movement, the parliament is the first elected since the fall of President Hosni Mubarak last February. Since its founding in 1928, the Muslim Brotherhood (Hizb al-Ikhwan al-Muslimun) has profoundly influenced the political life of the Middle East. Its motto is telling: “Allah is our objective. The Prophet is our leader. The Qur’an ( Koran ) is our law. Jihad is our way. Dying in the way of Allah is our highest hope.” This is the group who is eager to assert its authority in the face of the powerful military council that took power after Mubarak’s fall and is in charge of managing the country’s transition to civilian rule.

Lawmaker Mohammed el-Beltagy, a member of the Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice Party, called the generals’ decision to unilaterally pass the election law politically “unjustified” and said parliament must make clear that it is the country’s sole legislative power. “Let it be a clear message to the Egyptian street that the parliament has become the only and unchallenged legislative authority,” el-Beltagy told lawmakers. The Muslim Brotherhood will establish Shari’a Law in Egypt and when it does Egypt will be just like Iran. My concern is for the young people of Egypt who will not like this new way of life. If the Islamist take over. This WILL usher in the Caliphate that President Ahmadinejad has long been praying for, and this can only mean less freedoms for the moderates in the Middle East and more danger for Israel. The stated goal of the Muslim Brotherhood, and the radicals of Islam is to establish a worldwide Caliphate to rule under Shari’a Law, and covert all Infidels. Infidels means unbelievers. The way of the Qur’an is clear. Covert or die. A Caliphate means war will yet again likely break out and all those peace loving liberals will be disappointed because our country will be at war again. To them I say this. Isn’t it better to avoid a war with Iran by not allowing them to have nukes?


Today Florida votes for a GOP nominee. The U.S needs a president who will stand with Israel. A president who will stop Iran form developing Nucleaur weapons. Americans this is your time to stand firm in what you believe and vote accordingly. Every time we vote, I say it is the most important vote of my time, but this time….it really is.


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  1. Linc

    I’m a Christian, and when I see articles like these, it drives me batshit crazy. I’m no “Saint” but even I can see that “Christian” America is the most militant nation on the planet. We spend 5 times more than the Chinese on Military and they are the second largest spender. We control the sea lanes, the air lanes. We have 2 million soldiers abroad, 150+ nations are occupied, in some sense of the word, by US military presence. Who could face the USA in a global conflict? Certainly not a Muslim Brotherhood caliphate. They can’t even make their own fuel in most of the Muslim nations. Naturally, the muslims want Islamic law, they are Muslims. That’s hardly a radical reaction for people of a nation to want their values represented by their government. In the USA we have a constant battle going on between our so-called “Christian Fundamentalists” or at present time Catholic Fundamentalists (ie Rick Santorum) and the Constitution.

    1. Ron

      Sorry but I have to disagree but this is a country with many “christians” but are led in policy by secular at best, atheists at worst persons. If this were a christian nation do you think that they would have removed God from schools and the public square, do you think they would have removed God from the military. Apperently you are not aware that the goals of the 70 or more avowed socialists in congress are at war with religion and are attempting to replace God with their policies. Dont get the population confused with those in power who are destroying the country with their domestic and foreign policies. I believe that the military should not be in the middle east except with naval fleets in international sea lanes and bases in europe but only to protect our interests but the military is not successful because the leadership of this nation is seperated from God, not because they are believers.

  2. Tariq

    If you try your best and want to stop establishment of caliphate, the caliphate is coming, it is coming and I promise to all the west, Europe, U.S and Israel that a day muslim will ocupy Europe and U.S and take on Israel.
    Remember that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Ahmadi


    You don’t know how much the caliphate has power if you don’t believe, go to history and see the power of caliphate.

  4. Kamran

    This article is completely bias and typically israel pro (how much did they pay you off).
    The Khalifah (not caliphate) is all the Islamic countries combining to be led by one man (who is chosen by his piety, courage and knowledge) –
    Why you seem to have a problem with that baffles me..united states of america? united nations? are these not the same? north america is HUGE and led by your president! ONE MAN CHOSEN BY YOUR PEOPLE.

    So whats the difference?

    Difference is you afraid. Your afraid of not being the super power anymore. Your afraid because your so called petro-dollar would become extinct. Your afraid of becoming insignificant in worldly matters..

    but no matter how much you try – you can not stop it!

    and if anything the american people should be happy – no muslims in your country, no more bombings/suicide attacks etc…but your government isn’t happy – no one to blame it on. Maybe it will be hinduism you blame or buddhism next lol.

    1. Author

      The difference is none of our presidents want to annihilate a race off the face of the earth. Also I find it disingenuous of you to make light of the President of Iran’s many UN speeches where he claims the Caliphate will one day “rule the world”. You think just because most of us don’t speak Farsi there are no interpreters? You are so jealous of our super power status. I should feel sorry for you but I don’t. That would mean I have a weakness and I don’t fear nor feel sorry for any Muslim.

      1. Mohammed

        Good for you Biggot keep trying to stop Islam it will only get stronger and caliphate will come like it or not. Islam will win

        1. Author

          Learn the definition of biggot. It’s not racist if its truth. It’s just a fact Islam is a cancer and Islam will not win because its evil.

  5. Drewpy

    I believe if we all open our eyes and minds a bit more, we would see that the caliph is already in place. He is the ”leader” of the worlds superpower nation. He is helping muslims take over the world as we speak. Sending them Billions of tax payer dollars, (possibly trillions as the trearury dept. is 9 trillion short,they claim) fighter planes, tanks and God knows what else. Not to mention the fact that he is giving them money to refurbish and/or rebuild mosques all around the globe. He is destroying Americas economy. Pushing bogus ‘deathcare’ on us. Firing top military leaders who do not pass his litmus test. Now I believe he will go after sheriffs who refuse to bow to him over our 2nd Amendent rights. Of course there’s the navy seals who died, Fast and Furious and Bengazi. There’s so much more he has done and has yet to do. My point is, in the position he is in, he is currently THE most powerful and dangerous muslim in the world! Yes, I believe the islamic world has found there last great caliphate.

  6. Craig

    Hi Rosie

    I can’t really comment on the USA becasue I’m English. However, you have several commentors on this post who are REDS. How can I tell? Well besides the obvious signs most can see, I can tell because they are niaive at best, and totally ignorant of Islam and its global intentions at worsed.

    Islam doesn’t need the military equivalent of the USA or China to be powerful. Islam is like a parasite. It establishes and identifies places that are fresh for the taking: already established military, technology, finance, and liberalism for example. Next, it slowly moves in under the guise of wanting freedom, liberty, and escape from oppression. Islamist then get on with promoting the peaceful aspects of Islam and invite converts; it will encourage the rapid growth of its population in the new lands; it then gets jobs as directors, CEO assistants, Human resources, as MP’s (in England), councillors, senators, managerial positions that can influence local and national policy.

    In just a few decades the face of its host country is changed and more and more Islamic. Most of larger cities in the UK: London, Birmingham, Leceister, Bradfors, Leeds, Manchester, and others have majority ethnic populations. Many of these are muslims, and they’re practically overunning the local economy, authorities, everything. There’s a mosque on every street and even the areas government representatives are muslims.

    The lefties are just the useful idiots of the Islamists. If Islam ever does take over completely, it’s the very leftist liberals that supported them who will be the first group to be thrown off a mountain.

    Carry on fighting the good fight Rosie, you do have lots of like minded supporters in the UK. Many though are too frightened to speak out.

    1. Author

      Thank you for the UK perspective. Yes. You already know the end resulting from allowing the Islamist to rule the agenda in a foreign country. They simply TAKE over as they are trying to so in Europe and all over Australia, Norway, Sweden etc. we must not let that happen here. That’s why we have to speak out against it. Thanks again.

      1. Craig

        Excuse me Mo, but Islam is the parasite…No actually, it is a cancer. A cancer that spreads out of control. It infects everything it comes into contact with. What was once healthy is now infected and debilitated, and laid waste by the ‘progressive’ laws of Sharia. I’m no parasite, but you and your religion are, when it doesn’t integrate, but wants to take over.