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What Does the ‘UN War on Drugs’ and ‘The U.N. Arms Treaty’ Have in Common?

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Question:   Since when is it legal,  for the UN to dictate US law to a sitting president?

Answer:   Since President Obama handed over US sovereignty  to the UN and NATO so often in the past  ( ex: Obama gave NATO the keys to the Libyan conflict when he put boots on the ground) it is only natural they would think they can tell him what to do.

If you are wondering what I’m referring to,  on Nov. 15th in Vienna; the President of INCB (International Narcotics Control Board) Raymond Yans voiced his concerns about the outcome of the recent referenda in the United States of America that allows the use of non-medical Cannabis by adults in Vermont, Colorado, Washington, and Michigan. Mr. Yans had the gall to say “these developments are in violation of the international drug control treaties, and pose a great threat to public health and the well-being of society far beyond those states”  What? If it were not for the fact that the UN does not have jurisdiction over the U.S.  or that the only law the United States recognizes is the United States Constitution I would agree with this joker.  He does make a good point but his argument although probably correct is not his right to make. No other entity or governing body has a right to impose their laws on any United States citizen. The federal government cannot legitimately expand its own powers beyond constitutional limits simply by signing on to UN agreements or making treaties.

The U.S. Constitution, of course, does not give the central government any authority to regulate or control any substances. So, like with alcohol prohibition, granting the U.S. government power over drug policy would require a properly ratified constitutional amendment. Otherwise, narcotics issues, under the Tenth Amendment, are constitutionally in the realm of states or the people.

This is a good argument for Constitutionalists who are closely watching what this president is doing regarding the UN gun ban via United Nations global arms treaty. If I were you I would keep a close watch on what happens with the marijuana case since it may set precedence for a world wide gun ban. I often keep an eye on this effort by President Obama. because It’s no secret Obama would like to eradicate all weapons from the US.


  1. leslie shayne stone

    has anyone ask the question why does he want to take guns out of american peoples hands i have heard folks say nothing as to why they want guns gone from private homes

  2. leslie shayne stone

    moderation ? what do u mean moderation U MEAN UR GOING TO CHECK TO SEE IF U WANT TO ALLOW ME TO TALK RIGHT COMRADE?????????????????

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