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 written by Rosie On the Right

For years the UN has  been trying to push an agenda to disarm the general public of the globe. On July 27,2012 the U.N. hopes to realize its dream. President Obama is expected to quietly sign the U.N. ban on arms this month. This treaty  will inadvertently circumvent our Congress. For those of you who think the UN can’t do that;  think again. In September 2005, the UN passed a resolution at that summit that, among other things, established a “Peacebuilding Commission,” which created a worldwide U.N. “democracy fund,” Obama  has already laid the ground work by signing an agreement with the U.N. to accept all U.N. treaties and adopt as our own; superseding our countries laws.

I’ve been concerned for some time about the establishment of the UN Peacebuilding Commission, an idea I first found troubling when i heard about it in 2009. According to the U.N., this commission brought together the U.N. Security Council members, major donor states, major troop-contributing countries, United Nations organizations, the World Bank, and the International Monetary Fund to develop and integrate conflict prevention, post-conflict reconstruction, and long-term development policies and strategies. The commission  serves as the key coordinating body for the design and implementation of military, humanitarian, and civil administration aspects of complex missions. Think of this as the core of a future UN army that will claim the right to intervene in any conflict anywhere. We are on the way towards a one world government where the United States Constitution will be totally ignored therefore useless.


Republican Senator of Kansas Moran leads the efforts against the U.N Gun ban treaty. His effort restricts funding for U.N treaties which go before the U.S. House Committee . In March of this year, U.S. Sen. Jerry Moran (R-Kans.) introduced legislation to prevent any arms treaty from infringing the right to keep and bear arms in the United States.  The “Second Amendment Sovereignty Act,” S. 2205, would prohibit the administration from using “the voice, vote, and influence of the United States, in connection with negotiations for a United Nations Arms Trade Treaty, to restrict in any way the rights of United States citizens under the second amendment to the Constitution of the United States, or to otherwise regulate domestic manufacture, assembly, possession, use, transfer, or purchase of firearms, ammunition, or related items, including  small arms, light weapons, or related materials.” This should be unacceptable to every voting American in the U.S.

Last year, Sen. Moran and 57 other senators signed a letter to President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton reminding them that the Senate has final say on treaties, and stating their unequivocal opposition to any treaty that would affect civilian ownership of firearms, challenge the authority of Congress to regulate firearms within the United States, or call for an international gun registry. This is how he addressed his peers:

“More than two centuries ago, our founding fathers wisely amended the United States Constitution to guarantee a Bill of Rights for its citizens. Since then, our democracy has stood strong as Americans have enjoyed liberties unparalleled in the world – including the fundamental right to keep and bear arms.”

“Today, our freedoms and our country’s sovereignty are in danger of being undermined by the United Nations. To ensure our liberties remain for our generation and future generations, I am offering legislation to protect the rights of American gun owners from the effects of a U.N. arms treaty.”

Wayne LaPierre stands up for the 2nd Amendment at the United Nations read it here

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  1. George B. Taylor, Sr.


    Thank you for sheding the light on this UN Small Arms Treaty that BHO & Hillary Clinton are pushing to get signed into law on 07-27-12 (17 days from today). Please do all you can to get your friends and subscribers fired up and calling/writing/faxing their 2 Senators ASAP! I firmly believe if we loose the ability to protect ourselves – democracy; freedom; capitalism – will be OVER in the USA.

  2. BennyB

    Despite what Liberal anti gun, anti hunting, anti anybody not them, we DO have a guarantee for freedom to own and use guns. They think they’ll be taking them away from us, probably before election. That ain’t happening. Naturally, there will be people, good American Patriots, who will be shot down in their own homes, by the UN and Obama people. This is nothing more than Obama and the Liberals wanting to give America away.
    Not happening, PreZ. You’re a bozo.