Racism is Narrative from Democrats on 9/11 Benghazi Attack

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Susan Rice as she addresses "Face The Nation"

Leave it to the Democrat party to call anyone a racist who disagrees with them. I am so tired of hearing the likes the Congressional Black Caucus arguing that John McCain, Ambassador John Bolten, and anyone else who calls for answers regarding Benghazi is a racist. For example  simply because Senator John McCain is  holding Susan Rice accountable for her role in the dissemination of lies and distortion concerning the Benghazi attack they call him a racist.


These are the undisputed facts: On Sept 14th Susan Rice went on five talk shows to promote the narrative that the Benghazi attacks which killed four Americans including our US Ambassador Chris Stevens was a result of a  “spontaneous, angry crowd” the idea was that some obscure youtube video which makes fun of Islam’s prophet had so enraged the crowds they decided to attack our embassy in Benghazi. Why would this administration need to cover up the fact the attack was Al-Qaeda? Could it be because it does not fit the narrative that all is great in the Middle East now that Bin Laden is dead? Is it true that Al-Qaeda is on the run? Clearly Al-Qaeda has been emboldened lately, and no it is not on the run as President Obama has been saying.

The mainstream media ran amok with the story of “a spontaneous attack due to an offensive video against their prophet” .  It never occurred to anyone that 80% of the people in that particular area don’t even have a pc, or that rocket propelled grenade launchers didn’t all of a sudden appear at the compound. Obviously this was a planned attack. Even the Libyan leader admitted the very next day the attack was Al-qaeda. At the same time the administration was parading U.S Ambassador Susan Rice and the lie that it was some obscure video. To get to the bottom of the lie, to find out how the ambassador could have been so wrong, she must be questioned.

General Patraeus when questioned this past week, said he specifically included the phrase that it was a terrorist attack from Al qaeda.  Somehow that sentence never made it to the talking points Susan Rice touted. It has yet to be determined who omitted that sentence from the briefing talking points given to Ambassador Rice. Instead of the Democrats trying to find the truth the first thing they do is use the race card against all persons questioning Susan Rice. Is this administration hiding something? Playing the race card has become such a common technique,  Republicans expect it. Don’t like what the Republicans are asking you ? Yell RACISM! That is sure to change the subject, and shut them up! Fortunately it won’t work this time. This time we will get to the bottom of it. This could be President Obamas WATERGATE.


Washington Post Link to General Patraeus testimony:

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  1. David

    I’ll be a racist when I support UWCF = United White College Fund, the WHITE Miss America Padget, no blacks on my radio station, no black friends, no blacks in my church and that includes also Native American Indians, Jews and the list goes on. The Democrats are the 21st Century Slave owners they just don’t put their slaves in chains they just give them empty promises! And, yell racism at anything that moves! Remember Benghazi and get rid of the real racist – the Obama administration!