President Obama’s Blacklash

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This November we can either nosedive into a cycle of dependency that is turning America into a welfare nation; a “government plantation” where the underclass are doomed to 21st-century servitude. Now, FreedomWorks Fellow Deneen Borelli, one of the most visible and outspoken black conservatives in the country, is fighting back. She is taking action, not just talking, and speaking up for those who can’t or are too afraid to do so. She has written a book called Blacklash.

Borelli’s argument is a solid one: the problem begins with President Barack Obama, whose policy overreach has frozen racial tensions in this country when he should have been thawing them. The Left, having introduced the race card to defend Obama from the massive unpopularity of his policies,. They  have turned a blind eye to the leadership failures that have spread down through black career politicians who are traitors to minority success.  They are causing a cycle of oppression in America: specifically Charles Rangel, Al Sharpton, and Jesse Jackson, each of whom has enriched himself at the expense of his community. Borelli also challenges the ninety-five percent of the black Americans who voted for Obama without caring about or vetting his dangerous politics. She is my hero today because she is saying what many in the minority (Hispanics and Blacks) think but won’t say. I applaud her efforts and endorse her book. I highly recommend it. Please read it and arm yourselves with the truth. She speaks out against the elites and crony capitalists who drive expensive government policies such as needless green initiatives and ObamaCare. She exposes government regulation and the NAACP as nothing more than a liberal front group. She points out each grave flaw in the current administration, big government, unions, and special-interest groups. She demands that new black leaders abandon the false rhetoric and inexcusable lies of so-called progressive politics. She asks the questions that people of all colors are afraid to ask, and delivers the honest, unyielding, and controversial answers that have made her the favorite of the left-wing firing squad.

Today, with taking a stand against Obama, comes the fear of being called a racist. There is no fear in Deneen Borelli. Her outspoken voice gives everyone the courage and ammunition needed to stand up against destructive progressive tyrants. She is a brave critic, bold and proactive—not reactive. Hers is a story a lot of people don’t want to hear no matter how firmly they believe it to be true. Deneen Borelli is here to ignite a fire in independent-minded Americans. Blacklash is the fuse.

Statistically speaking most of those who voted for President Obama are the ones suffering the worst. The administration argues the Bush policies are to blame but if President Bush was a spender, then President Obama is Bush on steroids 1000 times over. All you need do is look at his policies and look at the facts. Look at the numbers to see how much worse this president has made things.




  1. WantABetterWorld

    I heard a portion of a radio interview with Deneen Borelli on my way home from a night class this evening and was so impressed with her and the viewpoint she was expressing that, once home, I directly logged-on the internet to learn more about her and her book. Coincidentally, in class, we were looking at dependency and how it can work to keep a person down. An adult having to depend on someone else – something else – for a prolonged period of time in order to survive is not a positive thing. It certainly is not being responsible for yourself or being cause over your own future. I am interested in knowing more about Ms. Borelli and her message. I plan to buy her book and speak to others about her.