Obamacare, Not the Solution for the Working Poor

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If you say “the people want Obamacare, they voted Obama in a second term, the supreme court ruled it constitutional fund it now. Give the people what they want.” I would have to say “you’re on the wrong subject.”

Although you’re right to make your argument because its one of the things I address on my website in a story where I talk about Obamacare. It’s not whether people want Obamacare. The true problem facing the United States is whether or not people understand what they are getting, and whether or not people can afford ACA (Affordable Care Act).

Obamacare was initially sold to the people as “FREE HEALTHCARE for the WORKING POOR,” but we already have free healthcare for the poor it’s called Medicaid and its awful. Long lines. You don’t choose your doctor, and you can’t pay to get better service. It’s the kind of system those on it wish they could get off of yet we are expanding it to all Americans.

I am part owner of a business. I employ 70 people. I now have to force a young staff to take health insurance. In previous years most of my young staff would deny healthcare; even though I already pay 50% of their insurance. They either didn’t want to pay the other 50% or claimed they never use the insurance when they’ve gotten it in the past. Now I have to tell my 22 year old employees they HAVE to take the insurance AND have to pay the other 50% (I can’t afford to pay their portions since now my insured on staff will jump from 34% to 100% I can’t pay for them all. As a matter of fact I’m forced to look for the cheapest insurance I can find for them. Which means I will buy insurance with higher co-pays and higher deductibles to try to offset the increase and may have to raise my prices too. Which means everyone my employees will be paying out of pocket money they never had to pay out before and customers walking through the doors of my stores will also pay more for goods & services.

The question which the administration doesn’t stop to ask is “can a weak economy on its way towards recovery AFFORD the Affordable Care Act?” That’s the deeper question no one addresses.

Why don’t you google Cloward & Piven school of thought. Then tell me what you think this is about. If Obama really cared about healthcare costs to the poor he should have tackled INSURANCE REFORM but he didn’t. He didn’t want to upset the lobbyist & the lawyers. Obama tore down the house to fix a leaky roof. Obamacare once implemented will have too many infrastructural loops to close in order to get rid of it. No. I say defund NOW before its too late.



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      Ahh class envy. You’re jealous of my success. Ok i understand. These are the facts: The government can not afford Obamacare. As a small business person I can’t afford to pay the 50% Obamacare requires me to pay and my employees will not like this new law once they are they’re being FORCED to pay the other 50%, but I will comply and it’s going to come out of your pocket the customer. Btw. Obama administration has exempted some of those 1% you hate.