Is U.S intervention in Libya About Currency and Gold?

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Some say the U.S intervention in Libya is a humanitarian mission. President Obama has said “It is clear the people of Libya must be protected” but could it be the U.S president is really protecting the Central Bankers of the world, The Fed? Did you know President Omar Ghadahfi planned to introduce the gold dinar? A single African currency made from gold. Dr. James Thring from the Ministry Of Peace and Legal Action Against War said “Introducing gold as currency is one of these things you almost have to plan in secret, because as soon as you say you are going to change over from the dollar to something else you’re going to be targeted” he went on to say “There were two conferences on this; one in 1996 and the other one in 2000. Ghadahfi organized it in Moscow. Everyone was interested with almost all the African countries very keen on the idea. Ghadahffi didn’t give up on his idea. On March 30,2009 in Doha, Qatar he met again with nations where he called on African and Muslim nations to join together to create this new currency. This new currency would rival the dollar and the Euro. The plan was to sell oil and other resources only for gold dinars.

This idea would shift the economic balance of the world. Imagine if a country’s wealth depends on how much gold they have on hand, not how many dollars they trade. Libya has 144 tons of gold. The UK has double that but it also has ten times the population of Libya.



In a television interview with the BBC, Anthony Wile, The founder of The Daily Bell said ” If Gadahffi had an intent to try to reprice his oil or whatever else his country was selling in the global markets, and accept something else as a currency, or maybe launch a gold dinar currency any move such as that would certainly not be welcomed by the power elite today who are responsible for controlling the worlds’ central banks, so yes that is certainly something that would cause his immediate dismissal and the need for other reasons to be brought forth for removing him from power.” What is amazing to me is that Mr. Wile has just given legitimacy to all the conspiracies out there about the Central Banking System, and the Fed yet no one reported it.



This also reminds me of another war which seemed to happen without much reasoning. Could it be this was about to happen before? In 2000 Saddam Hussein announced Iraqi oil would be traded in Euros not dollars. That would explain why there was only a small group of nations willing to take arms against Saddam along side the US. Changing from dollars as the world currency to Euros would have been a windfall for European nations who were in desperate need of a financial boost. Needless to say sanctions, and an invasion by the U.S followed.  Some say because the US was desperate to prevent OPEC from transferring oil trading and all its member countries to the Euro. A gold dinar would have had serious consequences for the world financial system but it also would have empowered the people of Africa, who are mostly Muslim nations.  If the world currency switched from US dollars to gold it would render the Central bankers mostly irrelevant with regard to the control they wield over the world. If it is in the best interest of the Central Bank to keep the dollar as the world currency then we can surmise the Central bankers are motivated to do all they can to keep things the status quo. This is another testament to the power the Central Bank has over the world. Power it is holding on to with an iron fist through war.



Cynthia McKinnley, the former Democrat U.S Congresswoman said “The United States should welcome the self determination of African nations. They certainly have denied self determination to Africans inside the United States. We are not surprised by anything the United States would do to hinder self determination of Africans on the continent of Africa.”



The UK and the US governments keep their gold locked up in vaults, and although China has been busy buying up gold for several years now it is no secret there is not enough gold to go around, but that’s not the case in Libya. If the world currency changed from the dollar and Euro to gold a gold dinar would have given the power to oil rich African and Middle Eastern countries to say to America ” Sorry the price of oil has gone up and we want payment in gold” The US and its’ allies couldn’t literally afford it.



I wish I had a crystal ball, then I could tell you what to do. It is obvious to me the world powers are desperately trying to keep control. As much as I hate the Fed and the control the World Bank has over our economies. The thought of Muslim countries controlling the worlds’ financial economies sends chills down my spine. Do I like war? Of course not. Do I like the Central Bank? Of course not, but if the world is making a shift from the dollar to gold shouldn’t our president be trying to shore up the country’s gold? It seems he does not want gold to be the standard. Is he protecting us from the Muslim nations? He claims Islam to be a great religion therefore I doubt he is worried about that. What is the thinking of the Fed buy back? Why are we printing mass amounts of dollar bills? Is this the solution? Is it making it worse? The question which begs to be asked is, Mr. President who are you working for ?


written by Rosie Johnson

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    1. Author

      You think he is auditioning for a bigger position huh? Please explain your thoughts. I am very interested in hearing what you think he is doing. I always thought he is a progressive under Soros.

      1. Paul Zimmerman jr.

        Interesting info, thanks for the research. As for this last question, our opinions aren’t going to get to the bottom of anything, although they may point us in the right direction. Who will ever know who is behind what ? It’s not like we could stop much anyway I’m afraid.

        As for the gold issue, China & Russian & others have been trying to get us off the dollar standard for years, ( which you no doubt know ) and I think the Saudi’s made their own gold coin recently. But with our huge debt, I just heard there wouldn’t be enough gold in the world to cover our debt ! There was a reason why the gov’t got us off the gold standard to begin with, so we don’t get stuck like Greece is now, and we can inflate our dollars as desired. I think they have alot more to threaten us with then little old Libya. Also, doesn’t Iran
        already demand that China pay for their oil only in Euros ? I believe they do.
        Have a nice Memorial Day !

        1. Author

          Thanks. I’m glad you found the information interesting. I know opinions won’t get to the bottom of anything but since it is my site I reserve the right to give you my opinion. That’s why I title that paragraph MY OPINION 🙂

  1. RobertH

    the nwo?
    hate to burst your bubble but the nwo is here and has been.
    what we are witnessing now is the transformation..
    first the country needs a severe crisis (the collapse of the Dollar) which will be a world crisis.
    and then riots, murders,unjust police abuse.(the reaction)

    then the solution ( a new monetary currency) the Amero
    which is a currency for mexico,america,and Canada.

    the thing to realize is that both parties are fighting for the same goal.
    for domination of the united states and it’s people whatever the cost.
    and these “leaders” we elect are not worried about us but their Corporate bosses who got them in office in the first place.
    and my question is “why is there no outrage?”
    my answer : most are dumbed down to worry about minor details in there own life.

    1. Author

      I agree 100000000% the NWO has been here since before Reagan. You are right. As to the question “where is the outrage?” I am getting ready to write a story about this impending doom, collapse of the dollar. In it I answer that question…people need to get out of their entertainment induced stupor…unfortunately that won’t happen until it is too late. The sheeple would rather vote mindless party lines than actually INVESTIGATE what the candidates stand for. Thanks for your well thought out comments.

  2. Joseph Larson

    It would seem to me given that Obama has continually taken the positions that are detrimental to our nation that he (1) is not a friend of the USA, (2) is a puppet of white supremacy perhaps headed by Soros. Because of his age, I believe there is a second in command behind Soros to fill his shoes should something happen to him. Obama also will be the fall guy if/when this falls apart on them. He is I am sure expendable in their eyes. Soros is not acting alone. I don’t think Obama knows how slippery the slope he stands on is. He really is to egotistical to understand he is just a flunky. I believe Obama reads his own press and believes it. His ideas are not his own, they are planted there and he don’t even know who is cultivating his mind. He has never had a normal family and does not understand family ties or loyalty of any kind. Soros is not the top guy either, he is too public to be allowed total control. There is a Rothschild or Rockefeller back there somewhere. Who knows, maybe its Jimmy Carter:))

  3. Woody

    144 tons of gold, Let him make it all into gold coins and then he has to put it on the open market. If no one has his gold coins then they can’t buy his oil. If the gold were to hit the streets people would buy it up, stockpile and horde it and then he would not be able to sell his oil In a month he would be hurting. We don’t need libya’s oil as much as they need us to buy it. Just a small shift in demand scares them and the price drops, what does that say for their staying power?

    1. Author

      Putting the gold coins in the open market is just a matter of timing and time. It could easily happen if the people holding the oil write the rules. This statement is my opinion though, who knows you could be right.

  4. Early Light

    The price of gold is manipulated just as easily as the price of any other commodity. Sales of oil denominated in other than dollars is certainly a threat to the status quo, but if those sales were denominated in gold, it wouldn’t upset the applecart so much, since the powers-that-are would just manipulate the price of gold.

    Euros vs. dollars is an issue, and that was likely part of the reason Iraq was invaded. Hussein’s regime was heavily implicated in the OKBOMB, but that was covered up by the Clinton Administration; Bush-43 continued the cover-up, even as he accused Hussein of other crimes of which Hussein was innocent, in order to justify the invasion.

    Check out President Gbagbo’s policies in Côte d’Ivoire, and then notice that Gbagbo was illegally removed and replaced by Ouattara, an IMF front-man with connections to Sahelian/Saharan organized crime and terrorist groups. You might find something pertinent. On the face of it, Ouattara is a French neocolonial puppet, but dig deeper and the international bankers are involved, as are organized crime factions, such as those transitting cocaine through Africa to Europe.

    Regarding money, the problem is not that we print paper dollars. The problem is that we print them, then let private bankers rent them to us for us to use. On top of that, far more money is created as entries on electronic ledgers than is printed on paper. Again, though, we are charged interest on it. That is what is killing not just America, but much of the rest of the world.

  5. Gary Cox-Conover

    Does the world want coins, even gold coins??? It appears that society is moving towards electronic funds. A one-world currency is not out of the question either!!!
    Regarding the article, It is obvious that the Bush Administration conjured up the “Weapons of Mass Destruction” story for some reason!!! ,, And Ghadaffi had recently attempted to soften and normalize relations with the west!!!
    And don`t forget President Kennedy. He dabbled with the idea of the gold standard as well.

    1. Author

      You are correct. Also his last name is spelled many different ways too.
      Gaddafi? Kadafi? Qaddafi? What’s the correct spelling?
      You say, Gaddafi, we say Qaddafi. Other variations of the past leader of Libya include “Gathafi,” “Kadafi,” and “Gadafy,” creating an unholy mess for newspaper editors. However I do believe I stand corrected on the spelling of his first name. Thank you for finding that error. I will correct it now. 🙂