Ann-Marie’s Conservative Rock Stars of Facebook: Rosie “Rosie on the Right” Johnson


Rosie Johnson is literally a legend on Facebook.  Because of some of her controversial views and posts, her original Facebook page of over 5,000 was shut down.  She released the following YouTube video telling what happened and is now back with a new Facebook page as Rosie Johnson (Rosie on the Right).

A-M: Rosie, who is your current political hero, and why?

RJ: Rep. Allen West, R (Tampa, FL).  He is a military hero, understands the clear and present danger of both Sharia Law and the trillion dollar debt the U.S is now facing. I also like Marco Rubio, the new Senator of Florida. He beat the RINO, Charlie Christ, proving although Rubio had little money, and wasn’t well known at all, he had the same feeling for our troubles as the average citizen. He was of the people and for the people and that message came through loud and clear. I’m proud to say I promoted him on Facebook until Election Day. Common people who articulate what I am feeling and desire to DO something about it. That’s what I think all my political heroes have in common.

A-M: What (or who) do you believe is currently the biggest threat to America, and why?

RJ:  Gosh it’s a tie between creeping Sharia, and the devaluation by the Fed of our U.S dollar “the manipulation of our money. If we continue to allow Sharia to creep into the law books, into our states, into our schools we will soon see a much different America–one like the Middle East. Where our freedoms are totally eradicated, and women are subjugated by men, and it’s not only legal but required by law. The other threat is the decline of the dollar, more than anything else. If it means we do something about our dependence on foreign oil then that’s what needs to be done. If it takes starting to manufacture our own products (which I imagine we will be able to afford once our economy collapses which it will surely do if we continue at the rate we are going) whatever it takes this is a problem I see only the Governor of Wisconsin understood and is trying to do something about it. Unions only contribute to the problems but that is a whole other story isn’t it?

A-M: What do you think it will take to get America back to being that “shining city on the hill?”

RJ:  PAIN. I hate to say it but each state will need to tighten its budget and cut allprograms which it cannot pay for. This is not easy. It means things we all enjoy will be cut. Maybe that beautiful park down the road from me needs to be cut, or the road beautification project has to be cut. It may mean an after school program has to be cut, but what can we do? Keep going down this road which will surely end with the entire country falling off a cliff? I say tighten now because later you will be able to afford what you can’t now.

A-M: What advice can you give to Conservatives wanting to make a difference in their communities?

RJ: INFORMATION, INFORMATION, INFORMATION!  Sheesh, become informed then you inform others. I am so sick of talking politics to people who look at me like I have two heads. Information is POWER. The second thing the politicians are most afraid of is an informed public. Their jobs depend on your vote. The first most feared thing for politicians is losing their power. Get the picture? Make that connection for yourself with your own politicians. You have the power, take it.

A-M: What are your 3 must-read books for Conservatives?

RJ:  There are so many the three favorites I recommend are INFIDEL by Ayan Hirsi Ali (because it helps you see there are NO moderate Muslims) Conservative Comebacks to Liberal Lies by Gregg Jackson and Applied Economics by Thomas Sowell.

A-M: Who are your top choices for President 2012? How can we get him/her elected?

RJ:  I hate the Patriot Act and they all voted for it. I really don’t have a favorite yet. I like Allen West (but he is not running) I like Jim DeMint, Michelle Bachmann would make a good Vice-President and she has guts.

A-M: Name one event that changed your life.

RJ:  I met President George W. Bush in Tampa Stadium before he was president when he was running the first time. He was quiet, unassuming and almost shy. He hardly looked into my face. I was like I hope you become president and he smiled and signed my poster. I had waited 9 hours to be one of the first 100 people. I got to sit behind him on the stage holding up my sign that read ” Teachers for Bush ” (my mom had been a teacher).  On the other side of the sign it read in Spanish ” Un nuevo dia” which translated means  ” A New Day ” President Bush did not live up to my expectations but I believe he is a good man.

A-M:  What would be the title of a movie based on your life, and which actress would play the lead?

RJ: I have heard Jennifer Lopez looks like me but I’m not impressed by her politics.  She is totally inept regarding politics, but I guess she would be the only one who resembles me a bit.  The title of a movie might be Political Passion, but I don’t know if having the word “Political” would inspire ticket sales (laughs).  Maybe “Nothing but the Facts  or sometimes right before I am about to lower the boom on the opposition I say, “These are the facts and they cannot be disputed”  because people want to argue with me with their passion.  Passion is good but if you can’t back it up with facts, guess what?  You lost the debate.

A-M: If you had to choose, would it be LA or New York?  Why?

RJ: New York, hands down. I can deal with debate and angry people better than I can stupid people.

A-M: What is your all-time favorite perfume?

RJ: Sensuous by Estee Lauder. The fragrance is a lot like me. It is a lovely fragrance, understated but in your face, you can’t miss it, and will never forget it once you’ve smelled it.

A-M: The meal you would have right this minute?

RJ: SUSHI! yummy. It’s my favorite because it’s healthy and tasty too.

A-M: If you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be?

RJ:  Israel or Dubai. I have friends in both, and I will go there one day. I promised myself and I always keep my promises

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