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Why Do People Hate the Jews?

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We live in a bad world. There is nothing new about that. The world has been pretty bad since its inception. That’s why God destroyed it and started all over again. From a moral perspective, look at the world since 2000: 1. North Korea remains an entire country that is essentially a large concentration camp. 2. Tibet, one of mankind’s …

RosieWhy Do People Hate the Jews?
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Ben Rhodes…Obama’s Brain

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On March 15, 2013 the New York times published an article titled Worldly at 35, and Shaping Obama’s Voice. The article is about Benjamin J. Rhodes, President Obama’s deputy national security advisor. Missing from the article are Rhodes’ Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) membership connections. Prior to joining Obama, Rhodes worked for five years as Special Assistant to CFR member Lee Hamilton. …

RosieBen Rhodes…Obama’s Brain
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ObamaCare the Predator; Victimizes Medicare

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To fund Obamacare, current and future Medicare payments have been cut substantially – and as a result, 30% of Medicare Advantage recipients across the country will face rate hikes as high as $90/month, lose benefits, and may even lose their doctors. Much like the millions of cancelled plans and premium hikes that have already happened to us, the Democrats completely …

RosieObamaCare the Predator; Victimizes Medicare

Obama VS. Putin?

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By contributing writer: Nancy Doyle Every time I hear a news report seemingly describing Obama and Putin as “at odds” it makes me cringe. Remember President Obama leaning over to Dmintry Medvedev, then President of Russia just prior to the 2012 American election? He proclaimed to Dmitry on a hot microphone; “Tell Vladimir I’ll have more latitude after the (2012) …

RosieObama VS. Putin?

Just Say No To Gun Control

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A Harvard Law study proves that Gun Control does not stop violent crime, in fact, around the world, where there are more guns there is less crime. Read this and forward it to the people that need to see it, we all have friends, neighbors and relatives that need to hear this. The incident in Connecticut was devastating, of course, …

RosieJust Say No To Gun Control

Unemployment in America Today

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At Least 27 Million Americans are ‘Underemployed’ While the official unemployment rate last year was 8.1 percent, a far greater percentage of working-age Americans were “underemployed.” According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the underemployment rate in 2012 was 14.7 percent, amounting to 23.1 million people. Underemployed Americans include those who are officially considered unemployed, plus involuntary part-time workers and …

RosieUnemployment in America Today
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Obamacare Passed by Democrats

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In 2010, a Democrat-controlled House of Representatives, without a single Republican vote, passed “ObamaCare” by a margin of 219 to 212. In a staggering act of misfeasance, hardly a single member had read, let alone studied, the 1,900 page law (2,700 pages according to some authorities), which had been dumped into the House only days earlier. The 219 members of …

RosieObamacare Passed by Democrats

Redeem The Dream: Blacks n America Today

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BLACKS & THE DEMOCRAT PARTY: I wonder how many whites feel disenfranchised because people who thought they were voting for the agent of hope & change later found out it was a case of bait & switch. President Obama is a racist. Obama is not who he portrayed himself to be. All you need do is look around you. Obama …

RosieRedeem The Dream: Blacks n America Today

A View From the Right

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Written by D.Craig I continue to feed the mouth of society with an organized labor force that I coordinated and produced. I exploited my organized labor force to the maximum. Why? So that my company, my entity, my extension of my-self can become more self-reliant and independent. A socialist would digress. A communist would puke. I know it’s hard for …

RosieA View From the Right