A Thanksgiving Message from Rosie On The Right

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On this Thanksgiving Eve I find myself a little melancholy. With changes happening in my life, some heart breaking, and some with great opportunity attached to them. I focus on what Thanksgiving means to me.

This Nov 6, 2012; Like many of you; I watched the Presidential election returns come in with great disappointment. In spite of that, I’m thankful to have been born in this great country.

I’m thankful for family and friends who love me, because without them my life would be totally devoid of love, light, and laughter. They make the darkest moments come alive with a glimmer of light.  I know when that glimmer of light overcomes the darkness. I am hopeful that I no longer see darkness  and soon see only the bright light of happiness again.  I’m thankful for hope, and time that heals all wounds.

I’m thankful for my health, because without it nothing would matter.  I pray for those who are ill that God will do a miracle in their bodies.  I have so little to complain about.

I live a good life. I am not unemployed and for that I give thanks.  I think of many people who recently lost everything during Hurricane Sandy, and I give thanks that I lack nothing. My prayers and thoughts are with all those in the North East who were affected that tragic day. May the God of comfort be their strength.

I’m thankful for the soldiers who sacrifice all to be in horrible places I can’t even imagine, in conditions I could only see in my nightmares. YOU are the real Super Heros stories are written about, and movies are made of your heroisms. Thank you for your service.

Most of all I thank God for His love because even when I don’t love him as I should He still loves me, and comforts me. I can only  dream to be as merciful, loving, and forgiving as he has been with me because although I strive for that, and often fail. He never does.

I hope you all have a wonderful day near your loved ones. Count your blessings not just today but everyday. Be still and know He has it all under control.


A Special note to my Facebook Friends:

I made a decision recently to focus on my life, and my goals. I left Facebook for good ….I think. I hope my friends find me here, www.rosieontheright.com and visit often as I continue to write about the current state of affairs in the U.S.


  1. Lynn Romine

    Rosie: I don’t really know how you got my email but I am thankful for that. I am the father of 4 with 3 of my kids in the military and I am so very proud of them for the service they have done for our country. Thank you so much for making my day by sending me such a great email. I look forward to hearing from you again soon. thankfully yours, Lynn

    1. Author

      You might have subscribed in the past, and now you will receive new posts from me. I hope your children are well. My prayer is that all our brave people in the military come home soon. God bless you and have a blessed Thanksgiving.

      1. Preacher William Barnes

        Hello Rosie,
        I hope to chat with you sometime real soon. I appreciate all your writings. I will definitely be joining you at the .com site. Have a blessed Thanksgiving and hope and pray you and your family have a wonderful time together.
        Preacher William Barnes

  2. Danny Baum

    Great message Rosie. You have been a shining light for me theses past several months. I respect your opinion very much. I hope you have a fabulous Thanksgiving with your family !!

  3. Curtis Bostic

    well said Rosie and as a natural health practitioner I encourage my clients to have a spiritual relationship with God as I can only heal the body but only God can heal the soul

  4. Doug Carey

    Warm wishes to you this holiday season Rosie. I have two sons serving in the US Navy. They and all they serve with certainly are heroes. I sincerely hope you do not abandon Facebook. You have inspired me there and I’m thankful for all the great posts you have shared. I’m certain you inspire more people than you realize. Blessings to you and your family.

    1. Author

      I hope your sons in the military come back to you safe and sound. God be with them. Happy Thanksgiving my friend. 🙂

  5. Randi

    Beautiful post, Rosie. I know we will always be able to keep in touch with each other. I am so grateful that we met so many years ago. It is one of the only good things that I got out of that networking group. Ron and I are making dinner here at home. His daughter and her hubby are coming over. Our first Thanksgiving together!! Yay! I love you girl – so much. Always remember that. Happy Thanksgiving.

  6. Robert H Patrick

    I will probably miss you the most on Facebook; I agree with your decision to leave, and while I still have my account at Facebook; I am a new member at TeaPartycommunity.com;this site far exceeds Fredom Torch.com and TPC has over 11,000 members and growing at a rapid race; it has a lot of the Facebook ideas, but is “completely different” in that some of the Facebook members have joined; I was one of the first; My title there is “founding member” Please look the site over; you may even see my picture there; Ann Marie Murrell, and Lainie Slone plus Lainie’s daughter Shannon Carpenter are members there along with Bill Finlay, and while the majority of time will be spent on Facebok, for me this is my home; there is no socialism, blocks, warning etc.
    Happy Thanksgiving Rosie; God bless you always!

    1. Author

      I will go there sometime. Just not now. I need a break if you know what I mean. Thanks again for the stellar kind words.